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Max Recorder lets you record sounds and download songs from various sources
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Max Recorder is a simple, neat and straightforward application that enables you to record your favorite music from various sources. This tool is basically a sound recorder that can capture the audio stream from various sources connected to your audio card, such as a microphone, but also from the playback of videos or online broadcasts. Anyway, unlike traditional sound recorders, this powerful program offers an additional tool, called “YouTube Wizard” that lets you extract and download the entire discography of your favorite artist. It does that by automatically ripping and converting videos to MP3 audio files. You can also select which particular tracks you want to download and convert. Anyway, this tool can help you obtain your favorite music not only from YouTube, but also from Pandora, Spotify and other sources.

Max Recorder creates recordings as MP3 files, which are compatible with a wide range of devices and applications. Furthermore, their quality is customizable, letting you choose your preferred encoding bitrates and channel modes. It can also save the recordings or the downloaded tracks directly to your iTunes library.

As you can see, Max Recorder is a handy tool that represents a great method of obtaining the tracks you like or of recording sounds from various sources.

Margie Smeer
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  • Neat and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Allows setting various parameters of the output file


  • Saves only to MP3 files - other formats are not supported
  • The interface is not customizable
  • A bit pricey
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